Fastpitch Softball Drills


With RVP there are no secrets to the swing.  Softball swing analysis has never been easier and more defined.  RVP has developed an easy to use training system and partnered with legendary coaches Sue Enquist and Mike Candrea to help you identify what to look for, what to draw and what drill to assign.  The IP300-SB and IP300-SB2 instruction systems clearly take the controversy out of hitting by defining the mechanics of hitting with video examples of the game’s best hitters.  We recommend the IP300-SB & SB2 for developing fastpitch softball drills.

Enquist and Candrea have an unprecedented combined 20 NCAA National Championships.  Each coach demonstrates the principles of the swing using clearly defined key edit position, lessons and drills.  Each principle is proven through side by side analysis to NPF Professional Models and USA Olympic Models as constants to compare against.  Each pro is shot at multiple angles, with high speed cameras at perfect angles.  RVP is the only location to find licensed footage at perfect angles!  

We recommend the IP300-SB for every softball hitting coach to help learn fastpitch softball drills.  We recommend the IP300-SB2 as a companion piece to the IP300-SB.  The IP300-SB2 provides advanced concepts that build off of the foundation built by the terminology established in the IP300-SB.  The IP300-SB2 also provides game management and coaching tips for overall offensive success.