From Advanced to Professional Upgrade

Model CE300 to IS300

“The Ultimate Coaching Tool”

The RVP Professional System is the product used by World Series Champs like the Chicago White Sox and Boston Red Sox, as well as the U.S. Olympic Team and NCAA Softball Champions like Michigan, UCLA and the University of Arizona.

The RVP Professional System (Is300G) provides all the features and flexibility needed for colleges, professional teams, training facilities, and organizations that run camps or clinics.  This is RVP most sophisticated analysis system but it retains its easy to use interface.  The Is300G goes well beyond analyzing sport motions; it enables the user to create his/her own training program and run a profitable business.  Not only can users create training videos and personalized lessons for students, but they can also generate revenue, advertise, organize a camp or clinic, and make powerful presentations.  Coaches can create very effective and powerful instructional content in just a few minutes, improving the communication between the coach and student and allowing for quicker adjustments and better understanding of the mechanics involved.  The Is300G also adds some speed and versatility with more advanced analysis tools like auto bat path drawing, two overlay modes, full-screen mode, six capture modes including sound trigger, and an impressive Show and Presentation feature.     

Purchase an Is300G and get a Live One-on-One Online Instruction Session

This session gets the user actionable quicker by answering all questions and providing instruction on how to profitably maximize its impressive features.

An added benefit of the Is300G is the ability to connect with students using the Pv300.  The Pv300 is a personal analysis system built for the student without the ability to capture video.  Is300 owners can capture student motion, create a lesson, add a photo, and deliver it all to the student either via e-mail or by burning a player data CD.  Is300G owners can also purchase the Pv300 at wholesale and distribute them to their students.  Students return to the Is300 owner to get new or pitching motions captured and the coach can create and deliver personalized lessons, drills, and photos to the student.

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The Professional System Features 

  • Training Videos: The instruction capture feature makes it easy to create and edit your own collection of lessons and drills. All of your videos will be automatically compressed into a Windows Media format (wmv), which can be easily e-mailed or burned to a CD for viewing in a Windows Media player or a student’s Pv300. Coaches, save your time and your words by creating it once and delivering it over and over with a click of a button.

  • Lesson Segment Feature: Using the recording, voice over, and drawing tools, instructors can create their own one-on-one personalized hitting lessons and focus on the specific needs of individual athletes. The Lesson Segments feature enables the coach to record everything he/she says and draws while analyzing a student’s motion so the student can take it home. The Screen Capture feature is a powerful tool and simple to use—just click the record button and start talking and drawing over the student and/or professional model and then click “stop” when you are finished.  The clip will automatically be named, dated, and stored in the student’s folder.  The clips can then be e-mailed or burned to a CD for the student and played back in the student’s Pv300 (video).

  • Generate Revenues: Use the Picture Strips feature to create revenue for your organization.  Picture Strips creates an action sequence of a student’s motion and automatically pulls out the 12 key positions of the motion, allowing you to choose from three different photo modes; the most popular sequence being the student side-by-side with a Professional model.  (See Picture)

  • Pv300 (Analysis Systems for your students): The RVP IS300 also provides a profitable revenue source for your organization through the sale of personal Player Viewers: (Pv300). The Pv300 is a great communication and marketing tool for academies, training facilities, and college students. Player Viewers are personal analysis systems that the students can take home with them. They are identical to the Cv300 but do not have the ability to capture video. This enables coaches to send the student swings, pitching motions, photos, drills, and personalized lessons directly to the student’s computer. As an IS300 owner you can purchase personal Player Viewers at a whole cost and retain your students and train them anywhere in the world via the Internet. Contact RVP for full details (310) 377-9221.

  • Organize Camps and Clinics: The Event Capture feature of the IS300 allows you to enter the names of all the participants of your camp ahead of time and keep track of the students you have been captured and those who have not. This feature will automatically names and stores the student’s video clip so you can easily produce a picture strip or sell them a Pv300 and send their motion to them via e-mail.

  • Built-in Advertising 1, 2, 3: The IS300 has three advertising features built into the system. The first is the ability to put your logo and your customized background on all the pictures and picture strips produced by the IS300. 2nd is the ability to create and deliver introductions that play when the student opens his Player Viewer.  And 3rd is Linking Banner Ads that can be attached to either an e-mail or student’s “player data CD.” These linking Banner Ads play in the instruction area of the student’s Pv300 and give the student the ability to double click and go directly to the coach’s web site.

  • Make Powerful Presentations: The Show Tab on the Is300 lets you play PowerPoint presentations or RVP slideshows from inside the analysis system. This enables you to go directly from your PowerPoint presentation or slideshow to the analysis system to answer questions or prove your points. The Show Tab also lets you create and store video with your illustrations already on them for a quick reference of both good and bad examples. You never have to take the time to draw in front of an audience—just draw it once and save it for instant recall.

  • Auto Path Drawing: This feature is used to track the path of the bat through the strike zone and compare it to the plane of the pitch.  

  • 2 Overlay Modes: This feature allows you to layer one video over top another one for comparison purposes and is used primarily to compare a pitcher’s arm angles when throwing different types of pitches.

  • Full Screen Mode: The Full Screen Mode option enlarges the video and hides all the buttons and controls.

  • Advanced Capture Modes: These capture modes provide flexibility and add the ability to capture yourself automatically using the sound trigger.

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