MLB Baseball Hitting Models Pack 4 Download *NEW* (HM300-MLB14)

Model HM300-MLB14 Pack 4

Keep your RVP analysis system up to date by adding the latest library of Major League Baseball's current stars. The HM300-MLB14 adds the latest Major League hitting models from the 2012 and 2013 All-Star Games to all of the RVP Analysis Systems. Coaches and players can visually compare their hitting mechanics to professionals. See yourself or your hitters next to Andrew McCutchen, Joe Mauer, Josh Hamilton, and Paul Goldschmidt.


**RVP Downloadable Packets are meant for use in the RVP Analysis System PC Software and cannot be used with the RVP Mobile App.

  • 4 Unique Players
  • 16 Clips Total
  • Consistent Multiple Angle Shots
  • 60 Frame Per Second Playback
  • Back, Catcher, Front, and Centerfield View of most players
  • $19.99 | Qty.