Major League Baseball Hitting Models

Model HM300-MLB10

The HM300-MLB10 adds 17 Major League Baseball hitters from the 2009 & 2010 MLB All Star Games to all of your RVP Analysis Systems.  Coaches and players can visually compare their hitting mechanics to professionals. See yourself or your hitters next to Aaron Hill, Carl Crawford, Adrian Gonzalez, Carlos Guillen, Carlos Quentin, Curtis Granderson, Hanley Ramirez, Ian Kinsler, Jason Bay, Josh Hamilton, Justin Upton, Kevin Youkilis, Miguel Tejada, Nate McLouth, Russell Martin, Ryan Zimmerman and Shane Victorino. 

  • 17 Unique Players
  • 117 Clips
  • Consistent Multiple Angle Shots
  • 60 Frame/Second Playback
  • Back, Catcher, Front, Low Home and Pitcher View of most players
  • $75.00 | Qty.