Which RVP is right for me?

EASY AS 1-2-3

1. Choose the Analysis system that is right for your application

2. Add the Instruction Players (Ip300) that you are interested in

3. Add additional models to use for comparison

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RightView Pro offers a complete range of products for every level of instruction. All of our products are modular so they can be added to each other to customize your system for your sport and skill. All the programs use a consistent vocabulary which is clearly illustrated with the video examples of today’s best players. RVP products are continually being updated with new professional player models, drills and lessons. This keeps you up to speed as RVP’s team continues to gain new insights into what makes the great players great.

The RVP Instructional Series - Perfect for coaches and players looking for a place to start. You’ll learn the RVP method including specific lessons, video highlights and numerous drills. 

The RVP Analysis Systems - Ready to start analyzing video? The RVP Analysis Systems have been tailored to the specific needs of various programs—ranging from the RVP Basic System to the RVP Advanced System to the Professional System (recommended for College and Professional teams or hitting academies).  (Comparison Chart)

System Add-Ons - If you are looking for more professional hitting and pitching models for your analysis system and want to expand your library, choose either the MLB PM300, NPF-HM300, Or the NPF-PM300.

Beginners to Experts

We recommend starting with the RVP method presented in the RVP Instructional Series. Regardless of your skill level, you will find that the in-depth instructions and drills provide an immediate fresh insight into hitting and pitching. 

High School and Youth Programs

The best choices for this age group are the RVP Basic or Advanced Systems which fit school budgets—with the potential to add enough great tools and time-saving features to make a serious difference. 

College and Professional Teams or Training Facilities

The RVP Professional System offers all the features to run a successful college program, camp, clinic, or business.  It includes the Cv300 and the hitting Instruction Players for both baseball and softball.

All RVP Systems will accommodate new professional models and lessons as they are developed throughout the year. Just check the RVP website or join our mailing list for automatic e-mail updates.