RVP Instruction Player for Softball Hitting

Model IP300-SB

“Hitting with the Champions.”

Two of the top softball coaches in the country, Mike Candrea and Sue Enquist, have collaborated on this powerful series of instructional video lessons. This CD-ROM clearly presents the RVP hitting approach, philosophy, and terminology with easy-to-follow examples and helpful lessons from Candrea, U.S. Olympic Head Coach and Head Coach of the University of Arizona and Enquist, 11-time National Champion and former Head Coach of UCLA. Candrea and Enquist explain what they look for and the importance at each key position in the swing, and then provide drills that help reinforce the correct moves. The CD contains more than two hours of interactive content which features the swings of the Women’s Fast Pitch 2004 Olympic Champions Natasha Whatley, Leah O’Brien Amico, Lovieanne Jung, Stacey Nuveman, and Amanda Freed. Ip300-SB contains 89 lessons that make it easy to go directly to the content you want to view or share.  It’s the perfect reference for coaches to establish and prove their points.

As a Stand-Alone Product
The Ip300-SB can function as a stand-alone product containing over two hours of instruction broken down into 89 selectable video lessons.  

As an RVP Analysis System Add-On

When the Ip300-SB is added to one of the Analysis Systems (Cv300, Ce300, or Is300), five Olympic players’ swings, filmed and synchronized from two views, will be added to your library of professionals.  It will also add 14 clips of these Olympians executing the drills contained on the Ip300-SB.  Players and coaches will thoroughly learn how to identify, understand and work on the key principles of the swing.

Video Clips:

Mike & Sue Intro >>

Sue–Pinciples of Toe Touch/Ready position >>

Mike–Walk-up Drill >>

  • 89 Lessons
  • 5 Players
  • 12 Clips

Note: the player models on this CD can also be added to and work with the Basic, Advanced and Professional RVP Systems

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