RVP Instructions Player for Baseball Pitching

Model IP300-P

“Power, Control, and Deception”

Steve Ontiveros, otherwise known as the "Spin Doctor", has generated RVP's latest instruction player concentrating on baseball pitching. Steve's approach to pitching allows for a categorical approach to the pitching position. His Power, Control and Deception philosophy is not a "one size fits all" approach to the position; rather a detailed account of various approaches based on a player's physical attributes, preferences and abilities. Learn how to add power, control or deception to your current delivery.

As a Stand-Alone Product

The Ip300-P can function as a stand-alone product containing instruction broken down into 109 selectable video lessons.

As an RVP Analysis System Add-On

Combining this Instruction Player to one of the RVP analysis systems will add 6 All Star Pitcher models to your analysis system. (Pv300, Cv300, Ce300, Is300 or Is300 SE)

Video Examples:

Introduction >>

Minimizing Telling Cues >>

Change Up >>


• 109 Lessons and Instructional Content

• 6 MLB Pitchers shot at 60 FPS at 90 degree angles.  Front view, back view and catcher view.


$75.00 | Qty.