RVP Instruction Player for Baseball Hitting 2

Model IP300-AS2

“See how and when we adjust to speeds and locations.”

The Ip300-AS2 is a must have for every baseball or softball hitting coach and Ip300-AS or Ip300-SB owner. This advanced 2 disc set gives you the most in depth look at how we adjust to different speeds and locations of the pitch. Never before have we seen down to the last 60th of a second the precise movements that enables the very best to make the correct adjustments to speeds and locations. The Ip300-AS2 comes complete with a library of MLB Models, 37 Advanced Hitting Drills, Student Playerdata demonstrating each drill, 24 Lesson Segments and Coaching Tips that focus on the mental approach to hitting.

See the actual adjustments the MLB hitters make to inside and outside, high and low, and fast and slow pitches; side by side from all four views.

Sample Lessons

3 Attributes of Great Hitters 

The Decision to Swing

Adjusting Inside to Outside


• 38 Drills

• 39 Lesson Segments

• 16 Professional MLB Models from 4 different angles

• Playerdata of students demonstrating each drill

$75.00 | Qty.