2 Stadium Camera Kit

Model 2 Stadium Cameras

The RVP 2 Stadium Camera kit allows you to have permanent Pan/Tilt/Zoom cameras in your stadium to consistently capture the front views of your hitters in games or practice. Add your existing digital camera behind home plate to get the catcher's view to sync your hitter's timing with the incoming pitch. 


• High performance footage in variable light conditions.

• Stream the same video to your IT department for webcasting.

• No "Middle Man", RVP has direct manufacturer relations.

• Accumulate a library of game data and tendencies for your team and your opponents.

• Cost and time effectiveness for long term results.


• 2 10X Optical Zoom Pan Tilt Zoom Cameras

• Remote Control

• Analog to Digital signal converter

• Mechanical switch to choose between your 2 views

• 500 Feet of Siamese Coaxial Cable

• Camera mounts

• Weatherproof

• Built-in Heaters and Blowers

• Vandal Proof - Shatter Proof

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