Hardware Overview

Permanent camera systems allow teams and facilities to fully integrate video analysis into games and practices. See why the top schools and facilities in the nation are taking their game to the next level.


After intense testing with the USA Olympic Team and Major College programs, RVP has chosen an analog camera system for customization at stadiums and facilities. We have found that the benefits of analog cameras far out weigh the limited capabilities of the standard digital cameras.


Our digital camera clients have long experienced grainy, blurry footage when capturing in poor lighting conditions. This has caused them to forego capturing under these circumstances. Our analog cameras allow for higher shutter speeds in challenging light conditions, resulting in brighter footage without blur in the bat or pitching motion.


Not only have analog cameras out-performed digital; analog cameras can be permanently mounted in your stadium. Each camera comes in a protective housing with heaters and blowers that activate in extreme environmental conditions. The only equipment you or your team manager has to bring to your game or practice is your laptop!


Permanent cameras make it easy to access all game data and tendencies for your team and the opposition. No more setting up tripods, bad camera angles, dark or blurry footage, firewire mishaps, or capturing from a tape after long practices and games.