iPad/Android Magnetic Lens Kit

Model iPad/Android Magnetic Lens Kit

Magnetic Lens Attachment Kit

For iPad2 and Android Products

The perfect detachable magnetic lens for your iPad 2 or Android smartphone device.  Take wide-angle or close-up shots using the Smart Lens.  This special 2 in 1 lens enables you to convert between a close up shot and a wide angle shot quickly and easily.  The lens attaches easily to most mobile device cameras.  Everything is included in this kit, no special mounts required. (Tripod not included).


  • Wide Angle Lens .68 Times
  • Macro Lens 4.0X
  • Magnetic holder for convenient storage
  • Magnetic stick-on rings
  • Lens cap to avoid damage to lens
  • Special coating on lens to provide professional quality
  • No other adapters required 
  • Tripod not included
$30.00 | Qty.