iPhone 5/4/3 Camera Lens Kit

Model Lens Kit - iPhone5/4/3

iPhone Camera Lens Kit

Have you ever wished you could get a better picture from the stands?  Or a better image inside your batting cage?

Enhance your images with 3 new lenses for your iPhone 5.  Each lens kit comes with iPhone lens adapter case, 9x telephoto lens, 2x telephoto lens, wide angle lens, lens cloth and lens caps. 

The perfect pairing for the  RVP iPhone App!

*Please email support@rightviewpro.com to order the lens kit for the iPhone 3GS.

Regular Lens vs. 2X Optical Lens

Regular Lens vs. 9X Optical Lens

Regular Lens vs. Wide Angle Lens

Photos courtesy of Vance Albitz and Dana Johnson


9x Optical Zoom

2x Optical Zoom

Wide Angle Lens + Macro Lens

Adjustable Tripod

Lens Cloth

Lens Cap

iPhone Case

$39.99 | Qty.