Analog Batting Cage Camera Kit

Model Analog Batting Cage Camera

The Single Analog Batting Cage Camera Kit is the perfect transition from your handheld camera.  With perfect mobility, you can easily move this camera throughout your cage to get your desired angle.  Use this camera with any of our analysis systems to get a clear, bright picture without blur for seamless analysis sessions with your students. 

The single batting cage camera kit comes to you Pre-Assembled, with all necessary accessories for immediate use.  No installation required!

Batting cage footage may be the toughest footage to translate to your students.  Often times with digital cameras, images can turn out blurry because of poor lighting conditions.  Or, students and coaches are forced to view footage that is recorded through a net to protect the digital camera.  RVP has found cameras that are protected if they are hit with a ball, while performing in low light conditions while at close range.  Digital cameras often have limitations in shutter speed settings in low light conditions causing blur when filming high speed movement.  Our cameras allow you to take the blur out of the bat or pitching motion enabling you to translate important positions in the swing or pitching motion to your players with clarity.


*Requires an IEEE 1394 Port or Express Card/PCMCIA Card Slot. 


* 1 Mini-Dome Analog Camera

* Analog to digital converter box with power

* 100 Feet siamese coaxial cable

* 1 Floor Mount with 2 Foot extender

* Vandal Proof - Shatter Proof

* Pre-Assembled

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$899.99 | Qty.