The RVP Systems

Training Systems for All Levels

"Oh Dad! It's easier to show than explain." - Cory Slaught (8yrs old)


  1. Choose from four levels of video analysis packages: The tools you need to show and measure player improvement with a library of models and instruction.  


  2. Pick additional instruction for your sport and skill: Directions on what to look for at key positions or movements throughout the motion with guidelines for individual improvement.


  3. Choose additional professional models for your sport: Professional examples to measure against.  New MLB models are launched every other year.


RVP Video Analysis Systems


All four RVP packages enable the user to draw, measure, and compare on multiple screens for a complete and accurate analysis of the motion. The RVP analysis systems easily capture and sync your motions next to the Professional models—all you need is a PC, digital camcorder, and firewire.


The Basic Package

The video analysis package designed for the home or youth coach more >> 


The Advanced Package

The Advanced Package is a one-stop-shop for your most pertinent analysis and sharing tools.  Perfect for the coach at any level more >> 


The Professional Package

The RVP Professional Package provides all the features and flexibility needed for colleges, professional teams, training facilities, and organizations that run camps or clinics. more >>


The Stadium Package

The RVP Stadium Package is the most cutting edge analysis and reporting tool on the market today. An All-In-One system to provide users with one solution for instructional, scouting and player development needs. more >>





RVP Instruction Series

(IP300-SB, IP300-SB2, IP300-AS, IP300-AS2, IP300-P & IP300-FP)

The “Instruction Players” contain a series of short and concise lessons that walk the user through a specific skill; instructing the user on what to look for, explaining why it is important, and suggesting analogies and drills to help reinforce the correct moves.  Watching video in slow motion is one thing.  Knowing what to look for is another.  The instruction series was designed to help coaches and players understand how to analyze the motion and then illustrate or communicate where improvement can be made.

The “Instruction Player” products work both as stand alone instruction viewers or they can be added to any of the analysis systems and played simultaneously with your swing or pitching motion.  As an added bonus, when you combine one of the instruction players with one of the analysis systems, it will also add additional hitting or pitching models to your professional library. more >>

RVP Professional Models (System Add-Ons)

(MLB PM300, NPF PM300, NPF HM300, MLB08 HM & PM, MLB10 HM & PM, MLB12 HM & PM, NPF12 HM & PM)


Add to your professional library.  These products add additional hitting or pitching models to any of the video analysis systems.  See the same swing or pitching motion from at least two angles at 60 fields per second, twice the rate found in normal video. more >>



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