RVP Web Query - Area Code Games

 Download Area Code Web Query   

RVP Web Query Software!  Below are your installation and operating instructions.  Please keep in mind that you can only download this product to 2 PC computers.  The software will not work on a Mac computer! 

To Download RVP Web Query:

1. DOWNLOAD RVP Web Query Area Code Games HERE

2. If this is the first time you are downloading RVP Query, you will also need to download and install ffmpeg CLICK HERE and XVID CLICK HERE

After you have installed the Web Query Software on your computer please follow these instructions:

1.    Make sure you have internet connection. 

2.    Open RVP Web Query.  Enter in the e-mail address you provided to RVP during the Area Code Games.

3.    Select "Games" from the left panel.  A list of the games will appear.

4.    To view data and video from a single game, click that game's name.  To select all games, check the box labeled "Select All" in the upper right corner.  To view more than one specific game, hold down the Ctrl key while selecting games. 

5.    Once your desired games are selected, selecting "Search" from the left panel will bring up a list of every pitch from those games. From here, clicking on the "(...)" button attached with a pitch will play that pitch's corresponding video.** 

6.    To view any of the pitches in full screen, highlight as many pitches as you want by holding the Shift or Ctrl keys.  After you have selected your pitches, look for the "Show" button in bottom right panel.  Underneath this button you must choose a view. "Front" refers to the hitter's side view, "Target" refers to the home plate view, and "both" will show both views side by side.  Once you select the view you want, click "Show" to play your selected videos in full screen.**

7.    You can narrow down your search to specific hitters and pitchers using "Players" from the left panel.  Once you have selected your desired player or group of players you must click "Search" to enable the changes.

8.    You can also narrow down your results to pitch type, location, at-bat result, etc. by using "Choose Options" from the left panel.  After each desired option is chosen, the data list will be automatically updated with the changes.  Click "reset" from the left panel to undo your changes and get back to viewing all pitches.   

9.    To download videos from the Web Query to your computer's hard drive, highlight your desired pitches using the Shift or Ctrl keys.  Then click on the "Transfer" button in the bottom right panel.  These pitches will now be available in C:\RVP Products\RVPweb Transfers.***

10.  To Make a Movie.  Highlight your desired slips and click Movie.

**The first time you play (…) or show a video there will be some delay for the initial download of the video.  After the video has played a first time, it will then play instantly every time thereafter.

***This feature is only available for those that purchased the RVP Player Viewer Analysis System ($75) to go with their RVP Web Query.


RightView Pro hours are 9am-4pm PST.  Technical support for your RVP software is free, therefore we typically take support calls by appointment.  If you are experiencing issues with your software, please note the procedures you were performing up to the point of the error message.  Please document the error message and either email RVP at support@rightviewpro.com or call 310-377-9221.