RVP has built the first true and complete Training System for baseball and softball

"RVP's goal is to provide coaches with all the tools, the models, and the instruction to help coaches communicate more effectively with their students."

Don Slaught

President RVP


To show the bad you have to prove the good

RVP is the only training system licensed by MLB, MLBPA, and the NPF. The models are a huge part of all the RVP systems. It is the footage of the games best players, filmed from consistent angles, that enable us all to learn, study, and analyze the motions to help our students. Without the models how can you compare and analyze a motion? If we show a student something that is wrong, it is equally important to show them what is right.


What good are the tools if you don't know how to use them 

RVP takes video analysis a step further by providing the expertise on how and what to analyze in a baseball or softball motion. RVP has combined hundreds of years of coaching and playing experience into several easy to use "Instruction Player" CDs. The "Instruction Players" walk you through the analysis of the motion pointing out what to look for and what to draw to illustrate the key principles of the motion for your students. 


Up and running in just a few minutes 

RVP is the only system designed specifically for baseball and softball. The terminology, the tools, and the features were all selected and designed to help coaches and players get up and running very quickly. RVP is the only system designed by coaches and players for coaches and players (no special computer skills necessary). We know the time demands of being a coach so we built a system that can quickly illustrate the problem and get the player moving in the right direction. It ultimately saves the coach both time and words.  Once you use it you'll never want to give a lesson without it.


Use what the best use

No other training system has had more success in the last eight years than RVP. From the little leagues to the major leagues, RVP has had outstanding reviews and incredible results. RVP is growing in popularity and is being used by 100's of colleges, high schools, and MLB teams across the country as well as several Olympic and national teams across the world.


Who ya gonna call...

RVP offers free phone and email support M-F 9am-4pm PST. RVP cannot offer a trial version because of all the copyright footage but we do offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all of our products.